Tree Inventory and Assessment

The Tree Inventory and Assessment is based on an inventory and inspection of the trees on public property and was created so that the city could implement a best management plan to promote the long-term survivability of this valuable natural resource.

Dunwoody has roughly 150 miles of public rights of way, replete with a dense tree canopy consisting of a mix of native pines and hardwoods, as well as some invasive plant materials and nuisance trees. Dunwoody also has over 170 acres of parks and other public property, which accordingly features mature trees, mature stands of trees, and forested areas.

To complete the Tree Inventory and Assessment, the city studied the urban canopy and the composition and condition of the existing forest. The city located and identified trees along the city’s roadways and inside the parks and other public property. Once identified, characteristics of the trees were recorded, such as location, size, relative health and vitality. These records were noted and ranked in a spreadsheet, and later mapped into GIS map worksheets. The data was collected, collated, and further analyzed for creating vegetation management specifications.

Key Components of the Tree Inventory and Assessment:

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