If your project includes interior or whole building demolition (for a residential or commercial project), a demolition permit is required.

A demolition permit does not allow any build back, solely demolition work. If your project includes build back, you may still want to pull a demolition permit if you would like to get started on demolition work while the building plans are under review.

Required Documents

  • Completed Construction Permit Application and Permit Acknowledgement to the City of Dunwoody
  • For the project name, please use the type of demolition work: Interior Demo, Whole Building Demo, or Partial Building Demo
  • Upload contractor's license, business license, and government issued photo ID of contractor if submitting with Dunwoody for the first time.
  • If you are submitting licenses on behalf of another individual, you will also need to upload a completed Authorized Permit Agent Form
  • Asbestos and materials letter from certified company. If asbestos is present, letter should present a plan for remediation. Proof that materials were remediated will be required before Certificate of Completion can be issued.
  • For Whole Building and Partial Demolitions you must also upload a copy of a site plan specifying existing structures that will remain and which existing structures will be demolished. Please use the Minor Commercial Land Disturbance Checklist to ensure your demolition plans provide the appropriate information. The site plan must show a construction exit/haul route following Best Management Practices.

Applicable Codes
Chapter 16: Land Development Ordinance 
Chapter 27: Zoning Ordinance

Review Process
The review process for demolition permits varies by the type of demolition.  Whole building and partial building demolitions require plan review by the city. The review process may take up to 10 business days.  Interior demolition permits may be processed online depending on available resources.

Fee Payment
Once plans have been approved (if required), you may pay your $125 demolition permit fee plus $50 for the Certificate of Completion (by Visa or MasterCard online). The city will issue a demolition permit and provide your approved plans.