Sign Permits

If you are planning to replace or add a permanent sign or add temporary signs, sign permits are required.

Permanent Signs - Required Documents

Temporary Signs - Required Documents (click to view a flyer about temporary signs)

  • Completed Temporary Sign Permit Application is required for all banners and temporary signs exceeding 16 square feet in area. Signs smaller than this are considered "Standard Informational Signs" and do not require a permit. PLEASE NOTE that temporary signs may not exceed 24 square feet in area.
  • ALL Temporary signs must be completely OUT OF THE RIGHT-OF-WAY.

    To determine the location of ROW, follow the link below to our SmartMap app.

    When the SmartMap application opens there will be a tool bar to enter your address. Once you have entered your address, it will be outlined in red bars that indicate the property lines. The red bar closest to the street indicates where the right-of-way ends and your property begins. To the right there is a toolbar with a toolbox on the top. Click the toolbox and it will open other tools within the SmartMap app. Click the measure tool and then select "measure distance." At this point, click on the curb line of the street and then drag the mouse to the red line indicating your property line. Double click on this line and it will give you the approximate distance of the right-of-way for your property.

Applicable Codes
The Sign Ordinance found in Chapter 20 of the Code of Ordinances governs the type, size, and number of signs that can be
displayed on private property. 

Additionally, for all properties located within the boundaries of the Dunwoody Village Overlay District, supplemental regulations apply related to the architectural design standards of the Dunwoody Village Overlay District found in Chapter 27, Section 27-97(f) of the Code of Ordinances. All sign colors, except for logos, in the Dunwoody Village Overlay District are limited to the Williamsburg Colors Collection or similar approved alternatives. 


For more information on Sign Permits, please reach out to our Planner, Richard Hathcock, at (678) 382-6757 or