Last Mile Connectivity

Last Mile Connectivity addresses the connections between transit stops/stations or hubs, and final destinations such as residences, offices and retail areas.

map of last mile connectivity project

Last Mile Connectivity focuses on multimodal connections within and between activity centers including Perimeter Center, providing people choices other than the automobile for shorter trips, or to connect and complete longer trips.

About the Study: The Cities of Sandy Springs, Brookhaven, and Dunwoody, and the Perimeter Community Improvement Districts (PCIDs) have partnered to conduct a study of Last Mile Connectivity in and around the Perimeter area. The study is intended to provide a clear vision for future multi-modal transportation in the Perimeter market. It will identify a consolidated program of investments in bicycle, pedestrian, trail, and roadway facilities, and explore existing and future transit opportunities.

The goal is to offer a network of safe, easy, and convenient opportunities for people to complete short “last mile” trips on foot, bike, or via transit.


The study is looking at ways to improve safety and ensure people have choices in how short “last mile” trips are made.

Offer a network of safe, convenient opportunities for people to bike, walk, or take transit within the Perimeter area.

Develop a unified plan that consolidates previously approved projects and offers recommendations for filling gaps in existing or planned projects and facilities, and explores opportunities for future transit in the Perimeter area.

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