Police Officer Hiring Process

The Dunwoody Police Department has a thorough hiring process ensuring the selection of the best applicants for our Police Department. It is our goal to select applicants with the highest levels of integrity, courage and professionalism.

Police Officer Hiring Process


Starting Pay Scale


Police Officer with:

No Experience

3 Years

4 Years

5 Years

6+ Years

HS Diploma or Equivalent






Associate Degree






Bachelor’s Degree






Master’s Degree







Hiring Process

Police officer candidates who submit a completed application and pass the initial screening of their application will be sent an email notice regarding the next testing date.

Only those applicants who receive an email from the City of Dunwoody will be permitted to test. These applicants should R.S.V.P. as instructed and bring a state issued photo identification card.

Step 1 – Submit Completed Application – Only applicants who have submitted a completed application will continue to the next steps.

Step 2 – Physical Agility Testing – The Physical Agility Test is designed to measure strength, agility and endurance. The test is scored as pass or fail and applies to both male and female applicants.

·        Push-ups – 18 continuous

·        Sit ups – 27 in less than 1 minute

·        Vertical leap – 16.5” minimum

·        1.5 mile run – in less than 15:20

·        300 meter sprint – in less than 68 seconds


Step 3 – Oral Interview – The oral interview is typically conducted on the same day as the physical agility testing. Only the applicants who pass all portions of the physical agility test will be interviewed. The candidates who successfully pass the interview will be required to complete the background investigation book.

Step 4 – Background Investigation – Background investigators will thoroughly check the applicant’s criminal history, driver’s history, credit history, employment history, education and military records as well as personal and business references. The background investigation may take several weeks to complete.

Step 5 – Computer Voice Stress Analysis – The applicant will be interviewed by a certified examiner who will ask various questions from the applicant’s history.

Step 6 – Interview with Chief – Applicants who pass the computer voice stress analysis and background investigation will interview with the Chief of Police.

Step 7 – Conditional Offer of Employment – A conditional offer of employment will be made to applicants who successfully complete all previous steps. The offer is contingent upon the applicant successfully passing the remaining steps.

Step 8 – Medical and Drug Screen - The medical and drug screen are conducted by a contracted physician and determine if an applicant is capable of performing the physical portions of the job description.

Step 9 – Psychological Evaluation – The psychological evaluation consists of both written tests and an interview with a contracted psychologist.


Non-certified officers will be scheduled to attend the basic mandate training at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center Cherokee campus.  This is a 10-week academy.  All training equipment and uniforms will be provided.  Recruits will be assigned to the Police Training Program after graduation for a period of approximately 15 weeks.


Certified officers will enter the Police Training Program immediately after their hiring.  The training will vary depending on the recruit’s skill and experience.