Charter Commission

The City of Dunwoody is a municipality created by the 2008 Georgia General Assembly. The Charter for the City of Dunwoody authorizes the Mayor and City Council of the City to create a Charter Commission to review the City’s experience and recommend to the General Assembly any changes to the City Charter;

The City Charter specifies the members of the Commission must all reside within the City of Dunwoody and membership is to include one appointment from the Mayor, one from the City Council, and one from each member of the Georgia House of Representatives or Senate whose district lies wholly or partially within the corporate boundaries of the City.

Members of the Charter Commission include the following:

Wayne Radloff, appointed by Mayor Deutsch

Robert Wittenstein, appointed by the City Council

Amy Swygert, appointed by Senator Sally Harrell

Marian Avise, appointed by Representative Mike Wilensky

Anne Hicks, appointed by Representative Matthew Wilson

The terms of office for each of the members of the Charter Commission shall run until such time that the Georgia General Assembly has duly considered their recommendations for change to the City Charter or December 31, 2020, whichever is first. 

The public is encouraged to share input using this email address: