Business Licenses

We welcome your business to the City of Dunwoody. The forms and content displayed here are to aid in your business operation within the city.

**Special notice related to COVID-19: The Dunwoody City Council approved a resolution on April 13 to delay penalties and interest on occupational taxes and business license payments until 90 days after the COVID-19 state of emergency is lifted. The city is also waiving the requirement for a notary on renewal applications for occupational tax and business licenses. Business owners need to follow up with a notarized application after the emergency has lapsed.

To operate a business in Dunwoody, you must have a current occupational tax certificate, commonly referred to as a business license. Other permits and licenses may also be required, depending on what type of business you plan to operate. Official regulations can be found in Chapter 10: Business and Occupation Taxes, Licenses, and Regulations of the Code of Ordinances. Contact the Finance Department with any questions at (678) 382-6700 or  

It is important for those seeking information to understand, any errors or omissions will not relieve the business owner of responsibility, obligation or liability in fulfilling all legal requirements.

You might also find helpful the Occupational Tax Certificate Checklist the Occupational Tax General Information and the Starting A Business page.

To apply for a new occupational tax certificate, please use the following forms:
Occupational Tax Certificate Application
Occupational Tax Certificate FAQ
SAVE Affidavit
SAVE Affidavit FAQ
E-Verify Affidavit (Less than 10 Employees)
E-Verify Affidavit (More than 10 Employees)
E-Verify Affidavit FAQ
Direct Insurance Carrier Occupational Tax Application

Renewal Season:

The renewal season for all businesses operating in the City of Dunwoody begins January 2nd.  The due date for all renewal forms and payments is April 15th.  If you have not received your renewal form please contact our office at (678) 382-6700.  

Change of Information or Status

If information about your business (such as the address) or status (such as being closed or sold), please use the following forms:

2019 Change of Address Notification

Change of Information

2019 Closed or Sold Business

Home-Based Businesses

The use of residential property for business purposes also requires the completion of our Home Occupation Form. Additionally home-based businesses involving customer contact (such as tutors, teachers, and licensed therapists) must also fill out a Type B Home Occupation Supplement Form

Other Licenses & Permits

Background Check Consent Form 
Escort Services Regulatory Permit 
Food Truck Form 
Massage and Spa Application
Massage Work Permit
Pain Management Clinics 

Secondhand Dealer Permit
Solicitor Permit
Taxi Cabs Permit 
Taxi Cabs Permit Background Check
Vehicle for Hire Packet

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Obtaining a Business License

Planning to open a business in the City of Dunwoody? The city of Dunwoody can help you prepare for future success. Whether your business is home-based or considering a property lease or ownership location, a critical first step is to first determine what’s needed to ensure your business will be in compliance with all codes and ordinances.

The City of Dunwoody offers resourceful and timesaving tools that can help your business get started. 

To learn more, watch a short video explaining the Business Licensing Process.