Graphics above show the percentage of lane miles that have been repaved since 2009.

Pavement Evaluation 
Every 4 to 5 years, Public Works completes a pavement evaluation and condition assessment of all of the public streets within the city. The assessment consists of surveys of each roadway segment to measure roughness, rut depth and crack condition. The assessment provides an objective method to prioritize streets for future repaving.

The data collected on roughness, rut depth, and cracks is used to score each roadway segment with a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) ranging from 10 to 100. The average PCI rating for Dunwoody roads is a 70. Individual roadway segment scores range from 35 to 95. 

Compared to the 2009 assessment, the city’s investments in repaving have resulted in significant improvement in the condition of its main thoroughfares with the percentage in good to excellent condition increasing from 45% to 60%. Overall, roughly one-third of city streets are in good to excellent condition, roughly one-third in poor to very poor condition, and roughly one-third are in fair condition.

Pavement Assessment Report


Current Year Paving Projects

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