Frequent Code Violations

When a property owner or tenant is found to be in violation of the International Property Maintenance Code, the Zoning Ordinance, the Sign Ordinance, the Subdivision Regulations or the Tree Preservation Standards, they will be issued a warning giving them a set period of time to come into compliance. Failure to comply with the warning will result in the issuance of a citation to appear in court.

The following is a brief list of common concerns and the basic regulations for each issue:

  • Commercial vehicles prohibited. Only licensed, operable motorcycles and passenger vehicles not operated as a common or contract carrier for hire may be parked outside of an enclosed building in residential zoning districts. Sec. 27-206 (b)(4)
  • Fences may only be 4 feet high in any street yard or 8 feet high in the interior side or rear yard. When adjacent to a collector or arterial street fences may be 8 feet in height in the street side yard. Sec. 27-267
  • Garage Sales are allowed to occur up to two times per calendar year. Any additional sales require approval from the Community Development Director. Sec. 27-188
  • Grass and Weeds must be maintained below ten inches in height. A courtesy notice may be issued when the grass height exceeds code. Residents will have ten days to come into code compliance or a citation may be issued. Sec. 8-86
  •  Junk Vehicles - Except as provided for in other regulations, no inoperative or unlicensed motor vehicle shall be parked, kept or stored on any premises, and no vehicle shall at any time be in a state of major disassembly, disrepair, or in the process of being stripped or dismantled. International Property Maintenance Code 302.8
  • Parking required in driveway. In R districts, parking is prohibited in street yards except on approved driveways. Sec. 27-206 (B)(1)
  • Location of parking for recreational vehicles, trailers, etc. The parking and outdoor storage of trailers, recreational vehicles, travel trailers, campers, pickup coaches, motorized homes, boat trailers, boats and similar vehicles and equipment is prohibited in street yards and within 20 feet of any lot line. Sec. 27-206(b)(5)
  • Signs Prohibited : Signs on public rights-of-way other than publicly owned or maintained signs, and signs pertaining to railroad crossings. Sec. 20-51
  • Swimming Pools shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition, and in good repair. International Property Maintenance Code 303.1
    See full list of Dunwoody's Code of Ordinances here.