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Mount Vernon Road at Vermack Road/Manhasset Drive

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The intersection at Mount Vernon Road and Vermack Road/Manhasset Drive was identified in the City of Dunwoody’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan as a high priority project due to its poor level of service. Mount Vernon Road is one of the primary east-west corridors in the city and Vermack Road provides access to Dunwoody High School and Vanderlyn Elementary School.

This project was designed to provide a solution for the traffic congestion and to accommodate mobility and safety for vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists.

After presentation of four options at a public meeting, followed by direction from the City Council, Alternative 1C was selected as the final design. The resultant intersection improvements improves the safety for vehicles and pedestrians.  Additionally, this improvement respects and maintains the character of the surrounding existing neighborhoods.

The intersection improvements include the following:

  • Dedicated turn lanes on Mt. Vernon and Vermack Roads
  • Modernized traffic signals: Improved timing and vehicle detection
  • Four-way pedestrian signals at intersection
  • Dedicated bike lanes on Mt. Vernon Road between Vernon Oaks and Corners Drive
  • Additional 1850 linear feet of sidewalk
  • Safer access to MARTA stop
  • New water main and sanitary sewer extension
  • Grade reduction on Manhasset Drive for better sight visibility

Final landscaping on this project was completed in February 2020. 

map of intersection from overhead
Mayor and Council members cut the ribbon at the Mount Vernon intersection
Ribbon-cutting in early August 2019
project time line marking complete
project timeline
July 2019

Alternative 1C


David Ayers
Construction Management