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Chamblee Dunwoody Road at Spalding Drive

The primary objective of the proposed intersection improvement project is to reduce the frequency of angle crashes that occur due to the existing roadway alignment. It is difficult for southbound left turning vehicles on Spalding Drive to see northbound traffic for a sufficient distance to make safe turning and gap decisions. The severe angle of the intersection further limits visibility along the approaches. Given the intersection alignment, a high number of angle crashes occur, which supports the need for a safety improvement at this intersection.

Additionally, the City of Dunwoody has placed emphasis on pedestrian and bicycle safety and connectivity through this intersection. The intersection lacks signalized pedestrian facilities, with no pedestrian signals or push buttons at any crossing.  These deficiencies will be remedied with the construction of the proposed intersection improvements.


After presentation of three options at a public meeting, followed by direction from the City Council, the final plans were developed for a modified version of Option A. 

The planned intersection improvement will add left turn lanes on the Chamblee Dunwoody and Spalding legs of the intersection.  Other enhancements include bike lanes and sidewalks along Chamblee Dunwoody Road and Spalding Road as well as signalized pedestrian crossings.  

Current – Utility Relocation Phase

The City is currently working with utility companies that have facilities within the project area to coordinate relocation of utilities that are in conflict with the proposed improvements. Utility relocation is expected to begin in late summer of 2020.

rendering of road with bike line

The City is currently acquiring easements and right-of-way.


Public Works